Artist Bio – Lewis Trondheim

{mosimage}Lewis Trondheim was born in 1964 and spent his childhood in the french town of Fontainebleau. In 1987 he met Jean-Christophe Menu, an aspiring cartoonist who turned him on to the world of comics. In 1990, together with four other cartoonists, Menu and Trondheim co-founded L’Association, a publishing company which would go on to publish some of the most revolutionary alternative European comics of the decade. Trondheim has appropriated the classic funny-animal tradition of cartoonists like Carl Barks, Walt Kelly, and Stan Sakai and given it a fresh contemporary spin with his “McConey” stories. The dialogue is consistently witty, and the stories are fast-paced and surprising. In recent years, Trondheim astonished his readers by announcing that he was retiring from drawing, and killing off McConey in a final album. Thankfully, he has proven incapable of completely retiring; McConey, however, remains dead. Trondheim now lives in Montpellier, France, with Brigitte Findakly, his colorist and wife, and their two children. He won the career-spanning Anguolême International Comics Festival Grand Prize in 2006.

“Although I enjoy working in the European album format, I have a special fondness for the American comic book format. I love that the author can do exactly as he pleases…I enjoy playing with new formats, new approaches to narration — I like pantomime, I like autobiography, I like adventure, I like stupid humor, I like sophisticated humor, I like nonsense humor. We can do everything in comics, even things that haven’t been done yet; it’s a wide-open playing field.” – Lewis Trondheim

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