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{mosimage}Kaz was born in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1959. During the 1980s he studied comics under Art Spiegelman and contributed to the early issues of Raw magazine, eventually releasing his first anthology collection, the oversized (and now out of print and highly sought-after) Buzzbomb, with Fantagraphics Books. In 1991 he started the weekly self-syndicated comic strip: Underworld. Fantagraphics began collecting Underworld into book form in April of 1995, with five collections released to date. Sidetrack City and other Tales, a collection of longer comic strips, was published by Fantagraphics in 1996. The Underworld comic strip has been nominated for a Harvey Award four times.

Since 2001 Kaz has worked in animation (with credits including Spongebob Squarepants and The Corpse Bride), most recently as writer and director on Cartoon Network’s Camp Lazlo, as well as helping to develop a new show for Nickelodeon and his own development deal with Cartoon Network. And he still writes and draws Underworld every week. Kaz is married to Linda Marotta, a horror literature critic and expert. They make their home in New York City while Kaz splits his time between there and working in the Los Angeles animation industry.

“Where most strip artists seem to recycle the same three or four bits, Kaz seems to have an endless supply of ideas and characters.” – Richard Gehr, Spin

“Kaz has a sensibility that is funny without being obvious, dynamic without being distracting, and hip without being smug.” – The Onion

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