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{mosimage}C. Tyler is an award winning comic book artist/writer whose autobiographical stories reflect her struggles as an artist, worker, wife and mother. The legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb describes her work as having “…the extremely rare quality of genuine, authentic heart. Hers are the only comics that ever brought me to the verge of tears.” Cartoonist Chris Ware refers to her as “…one of the true greats of the original Underground Comix generation.”

Born on the north side of Chicago in the 1950s, Carol Tyler was the middle child in a working class Catholic family. Taught by nuns from K-12, she graduated from art school in Tennessee and then received an MFA in painting from Syracuse University in the 1980s. While in graduate school, she became interested in sequence and narratives.

Aline Crumb was the first to publish her work in Weirdo Magazine beginning in 1987. In 1988, Tyler was awarded the Dori Seda Memorial award for Best New Female Cartoonist. Her work has been nominated for both Harvey and the Eisner Awards and she was named on the list of the Top 100 Cartoonists of the Century.

For over two decades, her work has appeared in various publications like the L.A. Times, Kramers Ergot, Twisted Sisters and the Yale Anthologies. She has two solo short story collections, The Job Thing (1993) and Late Bloomer (2005), both published by Fantagraphics. Studs Terkel called her first book The Job Thing “A Beaut!” And Andrew Arnold of Time magazine said, “While graphic novels have educated, entertained and provoked their audience over the course of their brief history, rarely have they inspired hope. Yet, that is exactly the effect of Carol Tyler’s Late Bloomer… She leads by example.”

In 2009, Tyler embarks on her first book-length project, You’ll Never Know, a 3-part graphic memoir of the author’s relationship with her World War II veteran father, and how his war experience shaped her childhood and affected her relationships in adulthood.

You can reach Ms. Tyler through her website:

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