Approximate Continuum rebuttal comic by Émile Bravo

Approximate Continuum rebuttal comic - Émile Bravo

As readers of Lewis Trondheim's APPROXIMATE CONTINUUM COMICS know, Lewis allowed the subjects/victims of his autobiographical graphic novel (which included many sequences about his days sharing a studio in Paris with several cartoonists) the right of rebuttal… but only in writing. He declined to print Émile Bravo's illustrated comment, which appears here instead. ACC poked fun at Bravo's tendency to sing jingles and tell bad jokes.{product_snapshot:id=1970,true,false,true,right}


Panel 1:

Bravo: Funny how some readers are so fascinated with Lewis.
Fan #1: Hey! I've got every Trondheim and I bought the deluxe print run of McCONEY.
Fan #2: When's the next comic?
Fan #3: And how is Brigitte doing?
Fan #4: And… And…

Panel 2:

Bravo: Wow… They really want to be part of his family…
Bravo: …But Lewis is merciless…
Lewis: That's all well and good, but I think what you really need to buy is a brain!

Panel 3:

Bravo: So they come and take revenge on innocent supporting characters.
Fan #1: Oh, are you the Émile that sings that "Casto" jingle?
Bravo: Ha! Ha! Yes indeed… (etc.)
Fan #2: Ha! Ha! Do you know the one for Mousseline Purée, too?
Fan #3: What about the joke? What's the punchline?

Panel 4:

Bravo: Oh jeez! Entering into the public arena carries with it responsibility, and a hell of a lot of power!


Anyway… Lewis completed his move to the South of France today… We are no longer part of his immediate entourage. I can say whatever I want at the studio and not worry about ending up playing the fool in a comic book.

Small image:

Free at last!
I don't give a shit about anything!

Panel 5:

Bravo: Anyway… Aside from these little disputes, it of course goes without saying that I'm proud as all get-out to be part of this brilliant cartoonist's most profound opus…

Panel 6:

"His psychiatric treatment."

Panel 7:

Even if…

Panel 8:

A panda? I mean, c'mon…