A Statement on Red Room: Trigger Warnings #3

Fantagraphics, Ed Piskor, and Jim Rugg have decided to not publish the variant cover for Red Room: Trigger Warnings #3 that referenced the comic Maus.

Jim Rugg states, “I am sorry for my latest Red Room cover. I have drawn several variant covers for the Red Room series and I had fun parodying famous and iconic comics and graphic novel covers, but I realize (now) that the morally charged subject matter of Maus made it an inappropriate subject for the necessarily over-the-top Red Room treatment and I apologize for my misjudgment. I did not consider how this would affect people. I never meant to hurt anyone. I’m sorry I hurt you. I was ignorant and insensitive. I take responsibility. I offer no excuses. I was wrong. And I am sorry, Mr. Spiegelman and everyone this has hurt.”

Fantagraphics supports the artist’s decision to pull this cover and we regret that we did not bring this issue up during the editorial process. We wish to offer our own apology for its offense and we are sorry for our part in this. Going forward, we will be more cognizant of our comics covers.