A Month of Ray Fenwick = $73.85 (Priceless)

A smart idea from the mind of Ray: Little books that act like arts grants.

If you make real money for a living I don't know why you wouldn't buy a Coffee Money Zine. You will get bored with your new gadgets.


From Ray: "The purchase of a CMZ pays for one month's worth of coffee, and allows me to loiter in the coffee shop from 7 – 8:30 a.m. every weekday while I practice writing. CMZ sponsors get 30 days of little drawings, some good, some not, much like my own notebooks. The concept for each one is different.

For the inaugural CMZ, the idea was to just put pencil to paper and draw, without any pre-concieved idea. Which, you know. Not always a huge success, but sometimes, fine."

$22.50 – – 15 X single americanos ($1.50 after tax)
$37.50 – – 15 X double americanos ($2.50 after tax)
$3.85 – – – Price of single notebook
$10.00 – – Shipping
$73.85 total